Sokolove Law

Needle in a Haystack


The Challenge

Sokolove Law’s primary business is helping victims of mesothelioma get justice. Only 3,200 cases of this aggressive cancer, caused by exposure to asbestos, are diagnosed every year. The marketplace is saturated with competitors, all willing to pay big bucks for these high-value legal clients.

The Campaign

To succeed in one of the most competitive digital environments, where paid search clicks can cost upwards of $600, we created a multi-channel integrated campaign featuring television, radio, paid search, display, social media, and e-mail, as well as multiple websites aimed at different segments of the potential universe of leads and referrers.

Paid Search

A deep analysis of search terms and keywords led to a streamlined, focused approach to paid search.


Redevelopment and constant testing of websites, matched with rapid deployment of written, graphic and video content


Advertising and content marketing on social media channels to drive traffic and conversions.


Nationwide broadcast TV advertising raised awareness and integrated with paid search, paid social campaigns, and organic search engine marketing to compete with deep-pocketed competitors in a cost-effective manner.


Through-funnel data tracking and analysis drove constant iteration and optimization to allow Sokolove Law to stay ahead of their competitors.

The Results

37% Increase in signed cases year-over-year.
20% Reduction in overall cost per acquisition.
150% Increase in signed clients through paid search.
45% Reduction in cost per qualified lead through paid search.
Established Sokolove Law as a leader in Social Media lead generation

Channels Used

  • Television
  • Paid Search
  • Display & Programmatic
  • Paid Social
  • Organic Social
  • SEO
  • Video
  • E-mail