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We are always looking to collaborate with passionate people who want to use their talents to help others.

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Recently, it has come to our attention that certain individuals with no association with D50 Media have misled job seekers with fake employment offers. These scammers are using legitimate job postings from our company to deceive applicants. We want to take this opportunity to inform and guide you to ensure your application process is secure and legitimate.

Please Be Aware:

  • Official Communication: All communication from D50 Media will come from an official @d50media.com email address. If you receive any communication regarding job opportunities from other email domains, please consider it fraudulent. Fraudulent domains we have been made aware of include but are not limited to @d50mediarecruitment.com, @d50mediahiring.com, and @d50media.works.
  • Application Process: We only accept job applications through our official website or trusted job boards. Any requests to submit personal information or conduct interviews via instant messaging platforms or unofficial channels should be treated with suspicion. We conduct phone and video interviews and do not extend offers unless speaking with candidates directly.
  • No Fees: D50 Media does not charge any fees from applicants at any stage of the recruitment process. It is likely a scam if you are asked to pay for job applications, processing fees, or other employment-related expenses.
  • Confidentiality: Be cautious of sharing personal or financial information. D50 Media will not solicit such details until a later stage in the hiring process, and we will facilitate this exchange through secure means.

If You Encounter a Scam:

  • Verify First: If you are uncertain about the legitimacy of any communication purportedly from or on behalf of D50 Media, please contact us directly through our official channels on our website.
  • Report Suspicious Activities: If you suspect you have been contacted by a scammer impersonating D50 Media, please report it to us immediately. This will help us take appropriate action and prevent others from being deceived to the best of our ability.
  • Stay Informed: For more information on how to spot and avoid employment scams, we recommend visiting the Federal Trade Commission’s Consumer Advice at – https://consumer.ftc.gov/articles/job-scams.

Our Commitment:

D50 Media is committed to maintaining a transparent, secure, and respectful hiring process. We are actively working to combat these fraudulent schemes and appreciate your vigilance in helping us keep our application process safe.

We appreciate your interest in joining D50 Media. We look forward to your application and want to ensure a positive and secure experience for every applicant!

Our Story

Who We Are

At D50 Media, our people are our best and most important asset. We pride ourselves on having established a culture where everyone’s ideas can have a lasting impact on the work we do and the direction we move — regardless of their position or time at the company.

We’re a diverse team of digital marketing and communication professionals committed to the shared mission of empowering those in need to take a step toward healing and justice.

D50 Media is a nationwide company with home bases in the Boston area and Central Florida, though many of our employees work remotely across the country.

Our Philosophy

How We Hire

At D50 Media, we view hiring new team members as both an exciting growth opportunity and a tremendous responsibility. Many marketing agencies are known for “staffing up” and “staffing down.” We don’t agree with that model. We are intentional about when to add new team members, and when we do, we approach it methodically.

The hiring process is more than just interviewing for a set of skills. While the skills to do a job are vital, we are also looking for people who will push us forward as a company. That’s why a thoughtful and deliberate hiring process is crucial.

Our employees need to be able to trust that we care about them, their loved ones, and their futures. And on top of our management vision for how to treat employees, we are committed to paying people well and providing a host of fantastic benefits and perks.

The future of companies hinges on mutual value and support with employees, resulting in a healthier work environment for all.

Our Culture

A Vibrant and Authentic Culture

Culture isn’t created, it’s cultivated.

First and foremost, we have a clear commitment to being mission-driven and to living out our values, which creates a strong foundation of trust and respect, essential for any team to function well.

Secondly, we prioritize open communication and feedback at all levels of the organization, which allows us to quickly identify and address any problems that arise and allows everyone to feel heard and valued.

Finally, we believe in having fun and enjoying the work we do. We believe that people perform their best when they’re happy, so we make sure to create an enjoyable environment for everyone.


Mission-driven companies have a sense of purpose that is greater than the bottom line. For employees, this can mean a sense of purpose in their work that can lead to greater job satisfaction and motivation.

By focusing on our mission, we are also able to attract like-minded people interested in creating a lasting legacy.

Open Communication

Open communication is beneficial for a company culture because it allows for the exchange of ideas and opinions. This helps to build trust within the company and allows people to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings.

Open communication also helps to resolve conflicts and provides a way for employees to voice their concerns.


When employees feel like they are part of a team and are supported by their colleagues, they are more likely to be engaged in their work and committed to their organization. A fun workplace helps to reduce stress levels and promote creativity and innovation.

When employees are satisfied with their jobs, they are more likely to be engaged and motivated.

Our Benefits & Perks

Benefits of Working at D50 Media

We are committed to making our company a great place to work, and we know that great benefits are critical. That’s why we offer a comprehensive package that includes health, dental, and vision coverage, as well as a 401(k) plan and flexible spending accounts.


  • 401(k) Plan with discretionary matching (historically has been 100%, dollar-for-dollar)
  • Attractive benefits package including 100% employer-paid medical coverage for employee only (50% employer-paid medical coverage for spouse/dependents)
  • Voluntary Dental, Vision, Life and Worksite benefits (accident, hospital confinement) through well-known providers
  • Discretionary year-end bonus
  • Paid maternity leave
  • 14 paid holidays, including Juneteenth
  • Generous PTO; 17 days in year 1
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


  • Professional development funding – gain a certification or get recertified
  • Lunch & Learns – Short-form digital learning/education experience taught by employees
  • Fantasy Football, March Madness, and other Sports Contests
  • Holiday costume contests — prizes awarded
  • Opportunities for charitable giving/giving back to the community
  • Passionate Slack channel banter spanning pets, shout-outs, food, books, and more
  • Employee referral bonus program — paid out after 90 days
  • An entrepreneurial, forward-thinking culture that is supportive and collaborative
  • No travel and remote work-from-home opportunity
  • Computer and technology tools delivered to your door
Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions From Candidates

What is work like on a day-to-day basis?

D50 is made up of remote teams that collaborate online. The workday typically starts with checking email and Slack notifications, followed by logging into Asana to see what tasks need to be completed. Video meetings are common, both for internal check-ins and presentations.

In between meetings, team members focus on their assigned projects. The workday ends with checking email and Slack one last time before clocking out.

What type of social events do you do?

We make an effort to hold regular remote social events, so everyone can stay engaged and have some fun. Some of our favorite events include video happy hours, trivia nights, and virtual games nights. We also love to host charity fundraisers and educational events, as well as conferences.

How often do you meet?

The frequency of meetings is dependent upon the department that someone works in. But as an example, some departments have a daily stand-up meeting to discuss what everyone is working on and any blockers they may have, as well as a weekly meeting to review our progress against our goals.

Our goal is to be able to focus on our work when we’re not in meetings. Having too many meetings can be counterproductive, as it can lead to decision fatigue and make it difficult to get anything done.

On the other hand, having too few meetings can make it difficult to coordinate effectively. We aim to strike the right balance between ensuring everyone is on the same page and giving us the opportunity to collaborate effectively.

What do current employees say about working at D50 Media?

On our Glassdoor account, the following comments have been left by current and past employees:

What’s your leadership/management philosophy?

Leaders should trust their employees to do their jobs well and respect their employees’ capabilities. At the same time, employees should feel confident in their leaders’ abilities and feel respected for their contribution to the organization.

Communication is also essential for management and leadership to be effective. Leaders should be open and honest with their employees, and employees should feel free to express their ideas and concerns.

How do you show your employees that you care about them?

We do it in a variety of ways. We offer competitive salaries, provide generous benefits, and award bonuses. We also host company parties, organize team-building exercises, or simply provide opportunities for employees to socialize and bond with one another.

Finally, we also show appreciation by being compassionate. This means showing understanding and flexibility during times of personal conflict or crisis, offering support and resources when needed, and generally creating a culture of care and concern.

Are there growth opportunities?

There are definitely growth opportunities at D50 Media, and there’s nothing we love more than to watch someone develop professionally and achieve promotions within the company.