Marketing Attribution Platform

Driven by Data,
Obsessed with Optimization
We measure every response from every channel and tie those responses back to media spend.
What makes d50 Media different is our ability to capture data about a customer’s whole journey – from curiosity to click to call to sale. We can tell you which customers came from which marketing efforts and where to put your advertising dollars for maximum return. We’ve got a proprietary marketing attribution platform that nobody else can offer. We match up customer actions to marketing metrics and sales results. This “through-funnel” data allows us to optimize not for clicks, but for customer acquisition – high-value ones, at that. We measure every response from every channel and connect those responses back to the money you’ve spent on media. Every advertising action and dollar is tracked, recorded, and analyzed so we can pinpoint the source of your highest-value customers and get you more of them. We know that what really matters to our clients is our impact on their bottom line. That’s why we’re obsessed with increasing the amount of customers you have, and making each one cheaper to acquire. We built our own platform to pull together data from the advertising platforms, marketing tools, CRM systems and analytics packages used in large multi-channel campaigns. It’s been tested and refined through years of consumer-focused direct response advertising, and you can’t get it anywhere else. Let us show you what it can do.