Direct Response Strategy

Data-driven strategy for efficient acquisition.
We specialize in campaigns for complex, high-consideration purchases and decisions.
Our strategies have been tested and proven in the most competitive and expensive verticals in the industry.

Audience Building

The audience is where we start. Existing customers, lookalikes, remarketing, and segmenting; we slice, dice, assemble and arrange audience pools based on layers of data. We make sure we’re putting you in front of the best potential customers.

Creative Assets That Inspire Action

Our creative team and channel experts love putting their heads together to make copy, imagery, spots, and videos that spur action.

ABT: Always be testing

We constantly look for ways to improve. Even the most successful campaigns can try something new or different. We experiment, adapt and adjust to find the right mix of message, media, audience and channel so you can stay in the groove.

Attribution Based Optimization

Other digital agencies optimize based on impressions, clicks and conversions. d50 Media looks deeper to match up marketing metrics with your sales data, so we can optimize based on high-value sales – because you care about customers, not clicks.

Direct Response Expertise

Experts know how to adapt to change, learn new tools, and push boundaries. We know, because we’ve got a team full of them. We know that what our clients care about is the bottom line. Making that number bigger is what direct response is all about, and we’ve been doing it for years. Our teams are led by industry veterans and our teams are built to work together, focused on one goal: make your phone ring and keep the sales funnel full. d50 leverages industry and platform partnerships to adopt new advertising technology, get early access to beta programs, negotiate better rates, and get insider access to the best new strategies for direct response. We stay on the cutting edge of an ever-evolving world, to keep you one step ahead of your competition.

Nimble and Agile Process

Marketing management means understanding the platforms and using them to maximum advantage. Whether on Google, Facebook, TV or The Next Big Thing, our team’s work is timely and purposeful. From day-parting and remarketing to custom-matched audiences and dynamic phone numbers for absolute attribution, we focus on improving reach, cost-effectiveness, and scalability. It adds up to a competitive advantage. Call us your secret weapon.