Muse Paintbar

Complexity & Precision In The Entertainment Sector


The Challenge

Muse Paintbar, an arts and entertainment concept combining painting with wine and small plates, uses the web as their principal means of customer acquisition. They utilize paid search, paid social, and online display ads to drive traffic to the e-commerce portal at With 23 studios in 8 states, each open every single day, d50 Media was challenged to create a system to market approximately 230+ Muse Paintbar painting sessions per week to potential buyers in tightly-defined, local urban and suburban geographies. Marketing had to stay fresh, excluding any expired or fully booked sessions, and cost per lead had to be within specified parameters. Beyond the aforementioned challenges, we needed to capture the attention of our client’s highly-desirable audience — females aged 21-60 with disposable income — and draw their dollars away not just from competing paint/wine studios, but also from the myriad of other entertainment options available to that audience.

The Campaign

To succeed in creating dynamic campaigns, d50 needed to design and execute an elaborate ad development and trafficking process. In addition, to compete for our audience’s attention, while keeping registrations within a targeted cost per lead, we needed to continually test and learn with new creative to prevent ad fatigue and win within a crowded competitive marketplace.


A dynamic advertising catalogue developed monthly that runs through three stages of QC to ensure content is accurate and sessions that are fully booked or expired never appear in advertising.


Continual review of the website to ensure the site is optimized against keyword usage, information architecture, and reflects a mobile responsive design.

Test & Learn

Ongoing exploration of images, headlines, format and timing to refine ad delivery strategies and keep creative fresh. Continual assessment and testing of digital media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram), remarketing, and programmatic vendors.


Constantly find new ways to engage with a finite local audience.

The Results

5,181Unique ads on Facebook executed monthly.
60%Decrease in CPA since campaign inception.
66%Improvement in search quality score.
23%Increase in average position in Google.

Channels Used

  • Paid Search
  • Display & Programmatic
  • Paid Social
  • SEO